About Us

About us

We proudly present to you the active members of the Hari’s Treasure team. 

“Hari Tea has spirit. We built it with spirit.

Everybody used what they know and applied it to produce the product.

The concept comes from the meditative space as a gift to make people better.

We are cooks that produce dishes that allow people to have health, enjoyment and spiritual experience.”

Guru Dev Singh

Co-Founder & Chief Architect


“An inspiration for your Body, Mind & Spirit.”

Manuel Munoz aka Hari Singh

Co-Founder & CEO

Sales & Marketing Management


“After a busy day to get some perspective I enjoy the ´Joyful Silence´.”

Guru Jagat Singh Khalsa

Co-Founder & Director

Operations & Finance Management


“The most amazing tea is the Shoti Maa Joyful Silence. It creates immediately a calm space in the mind.”

Fateh Singh

Founding Member

Senior Business Development Germany & Austria. Quality Assurance


“The Hari Tea inspirational blend of New Sensation’s Mint & Hibiscus is like a breath of clean fresh air.”

Hari Jiwan Kaur

Founding Member

Orders, Administration & Accounting


“Every time I sip a cup of Shoti Maa Harmony I remember that a bath refreshes the body and  a cup of Harmony tea the spirit.”

Lydia Meloni Atma Kaur

Business Development Europe & Sales Administration


“I am sort of a tea addict and love all the line. “Face the Moment” with Rose has been my rescue and sweetener for long.”

Hanka Satwant Kaur

Founding Member

PR & Product Design Concepts


“The most amazing tea is the ‘Sweatheart’ tea wth linden flower & chamomile. It creates immediately a calm space in the heart and mind.”

Kahita Hari Nam Kaur

Founding Member

Brand Strategy & Planning


“When I become quiet, I feel open to anything. I love variety and possibilities. In these teas, I easily satisfy my whims.”

Jeffrey Cohen

Founding Member

Editor & Copywriter

“My favorite is the Shoti Maa Flow – Choco Chai tea because as my son would say it is yummy”

Adesh Kaur

Customer Service