The Comfort of Tea


Teabags without metal staple or glue | Individually sealed | Divine herb & spice tea compositions

According to ancient wisdom, the five Elements are life's symbolic building blocks. To live a harmonious life, one must have all five in balance. How can we know where we stand? And how can we create that balance?

Many trained in Eastern technologies such as Ayurveda or Sat Nam Rasayan, have methods to analyze and treat the state of these elements in you. Or yoga and meditation provide the possibility of balancing the elements yourself. At Hari Tea, our master blenders and practitioners have drawn upon these ancient technologies.

Take a few minutes to enjoy a lovely cup of tea, and experience the balancing effects of our line of Teas for the Elements.

The Elements we refer to are:

Earth - Touch the Ground : Happy Landings

Water - Emotional Detox : Feel free

Fire - Purity Flame : Turn up the Heat

Air - Life on Wings : Lighter than Air

Ether - Joyful Silence : Holding the Space

A line of Ayurvedic herb and spice teas. 16 teabags, all without metal staple or glue. Individually sealed for protection of the flavor and for better convenience. All teas are 100% organic.

Enjoy a Lovely Cup of Tea


Shoti Maa Elements Magic Box All 12 Shoti Maa flavours
€ 3,45
Shoti Maa Elements Touch the Ground Honeybush, Aniseed & Sage
€ 2,99
Shoti Maa Elements Emotional Detox Sweet Hibiscus & Mint
€ 2,99
Shoti Maa Elements Purity Flame Sweet Choco & Chilli
€ 2,99
Shoti Maa Elements Life on Wings Fennel, Cardamom & Orange
€ 2,99
Shoti Maa Elements Joyful Silence Apple & Lemon
€ 2,99
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