Kirpa means Blessings in the Yoga tradition.

Yogic blends of the finest herbs & spices are carefully selected to give you an experience of pleasure and well-being.

For any mood Kirpa Tea will be the perfect companion; each aroma tells a story. Comfort your body, mind and soul.

















Lemon, Apple & Ginger


Refreshing lemon and apple are blended with ginger and more to help you jump into your flow. You can make a fresh start and be loving life.


Sweet Hibiscus


Red hibiscus is blended with sweet licorice and more to inspire you to the next level. Feel the passion and let your love shine.


Licorice & Mint


Sweet licorice,  refreshing mint and much more encourage you to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Feel lightness in your life, enriching any moment of your day. 

(not available for Austria)


Choco Chai


Inspiring choco, cinnamon and spices  create a delicious balance between sweet and spicy. A perfect blend for a moment of harmony.


Fennel & Cardamom


The reward is the comfort of fennel, cardamom and other surprising, delicious ingredients. Wrap yourself in pure pleasure. You deserve peace.