Hari's Treasures are not all tea and cereal.


One of our greatest treasures is Kahita.

She will appear on this page every three months with a selection of various themes approaching health, lifestyle and well-being, especially for the present time.

The effects are quick, safe and undeniable. You will never wonder afterwards if you maybe felt something.

Kahita is an expert teacher. You may send in questions (ks@haritea.com) you might have and she will choose a few to answer here.


We're sure you will find her as delightful and insightful as we all do.

General Wellness

Well people, here is a theme that just about covers all of our lives.

Where to begin? This is an interesting journey to a simple healthy, happy and preferably holy life.


To start we must know that in in yoga, we say LIVE AND LET LIVE.         


                                                                         -Kahita Hari Nam Kaur


Veggies vs. Meat


Nowadays, fortunately, you can buy organic (bio) meat.

For newcomers to the organic world, what this basically means is that the bio meat has fewer hormones and chemicals, and animals are raised in a more humane and sanitary way.

Hormones are those beautiful substances that make you a woman, and that also give us the capacity to create another human being in the belly, as well as growing old in a graceful way.

As for men, hormones will make you talk differently when you are growing up, allowing you also to start a family.

There are many manifestations to an excess of hormones in the body, like identity crisis and not being able to define comfortably 'who I am'. But an excess of a well-balanced body can also show on anomalies of growth in the male organs.


Alcohol vs. Juices


The alcohol situation is simple. As yogis, we have decided that we do not administer any substances that alter our brain.

We say that whatever state you enter, the outcome of your actions is of that state of mind. We believe that every state can be produced in a natural way.


Sugar vs... the rest


Sugar seems to be sometimes more of an issue than alcohol or meat all together.


We often ask ourselves if we have the right to eat a candy or have an ice cream, feeling guilty that the answer is always, "Sure you do".

But the key point is not to completely cut out sugar, but to also be aware of the intense effect that happens in our system when we take sugar. We become less sensitive and more reactive to any outside 'prickles' and experience very rapid 'highs' and 'lows'. These effects usually lasts for a couple of hours, but it will take your system the next 72 hours until it has completely eliminated all the intakes. So what are the alternatives to sugar?


Cleansing Diet - Free your system from Sugar


A great way to fully let the effects of a sugar-free system manifest, is to start a cleansing diet. It is very extreme but effective.


Flexibility & Character


And what about when you are going through a hard time?

In these moments it helps to add more flexibility and character to increase the buffer when you are facing something that is out of tune.


Healthy Hair


Foods are meant to serve us to live a healthy life, but we also need to realize that we already have these effective tools to stay healthy and happy right inside of us..

Hair is the best example.


Your skin = Your youth


Some foods that might serve to stay healthy and youthful are foods that are good for the brain or foods that will simply keep you looking youthful.


The skin is one of the first things we look at to calculate the age of someone. And to have a youthful skin we have to look at the gut. When we look at the gut we can see everything that the intestines need to process, from fats and pesticides, to proteins and fibers. Anything we eat the system needs to process, and anything that is not processed will stay inside.

So with the skin being one of the largest organs in the body, it provides a great mirror to see what is inside.


Rise & Shine


So now we have more awareness of our diet and some serious beauty tips, but without a healthy mind where do we go?


As yogis, we say that when we get up in the morning it is important and necessary that we do not start our day feeling weak in order to continue to have a good rest of the day.