About Us

Hari's Treasure uses the wisdom which belonged to yogic masters for thousands of years to create extraordinary products. You can experience these well-being effects through our authentic blends with a cup of tea (Hari Tea & Shoti Maa) or a bowl of cereal (Hari Crunchy). Experience the delicious, undistracted silence of the present moment.

Our premium line of tea brings healing, harmony and balance into your life. Our sources are...

. Ayurveda:
('Ayus' 'life', 'Veda' 'knowledge') Is the oldest form of Indian traditional treatment. It can prevent and treat illnesses by maintaining balance in the body and mind through a proper diet and lifestyle, as well as through the use of herbal remedies. 

. Numerology:
The study of the symbolism of numbers.

. Meditation:
The art of connecting with your inner silence to open the intuitive mind.

. Astrology:
The knowledge behind planets and how their positions affect us.

. Yantras:
The use of symbols, numbers or geometric figures to balance a specific space and/or help it expand its potential.

Hari Tea
Organic herb and spice blends to keep your mental, spiritual and physical in balance.

Shoti Maa
Shoti Maa means 'little mother'. Shoti Maa Chakras keep your energy centers in equilibrium.
Shoti Maa Elements preserve an appropriate balance of each of the 5 main elements in the body.

Hari Crunchy
Tasty cereals with the finest organic ingredients to balance your day. 

Social Promise
Hari's Treasure takes its social responsibility seriously by creating honest products that enhance and improve the well-being of its consumers. 
With monetary and product donation, our company supports the Sat Nam Rasayan Foundation a non-profit healing and meditation association and takes part of the 'Children Care Monat' that supplies meals to orphan and poor children (press release). 

Hari's Treasure Team
We proudly present to you the active members of the Hari's Treasure team. Each member of our team has a personal yogic and/or meditative practice. This keeps our company healthy and profitable, strengthens the connection between the team members and supports our mutual goal to create products that improve the well-being of our consumers. 
In addition of the core team, there are many other people who support the company in different ways on a project/ad hoc basis, through financial or spiritual/meditative support.


Guru Dev Singh
Co-Founder & Chief Architect



Manuel Munoz aka Hari Singh
Co-Founder & CEO
Sales & Marketing Management

Has been working in the energy savings and natural foods market for the last 25 years.
Apart from being the C.E.O at Hari Tea, he is also, like many of us, a Sat Nam Rasayan teacher, healer and a personal counselor.
He has a way of always finding the center of a situation.



Guru Jagat Singh Khalsa
Co-Founder & Director
Operations & Finance Management

Has been involved in the natural foods, organic and tea movement since the early 1970's. Over 35 years experience as entrepreneur, team and corporate management positions in a broad range of non-profit and businesses organizations.
Strategic thinking, structured, development of systems and actualization of business. A good team member.
Has been practicing meditation, yoga, healing and natural lifestyle for over 40 years as individual and teacher.



Hari Jiwan Kaur
Founding Member
Orders, Administration & Accounting

More than 20 years of experience in natural foods. Has been practicing yoga for the last 30 years.
Quiet strength and compassion.



Fateh Singh
Founding Member
Senior Business Development Germany & Austria. Quality Assurance

Master tea blender. Has been working in the natural foods market for the last 15 years, as well as practicing yoga and meditation for the last 20 years.
No detail is too small or large for his drive for perfection.



Lydia Atma Kaur Meloni
Business Development Europe & Sales Administration

More than 25 years of experience in Natural Foods. Has been practicing Yoga and Sat Nam Rasayan for the last 20 years. Grace in every circumstance.



Hanka Satwant Kaur
Founding Member
PR & Product Design Concepts

More than 15 years in PR & sales experience. Has been practicing yoga for the last 20 years.
Understands how to make things happen in a beautiful way.



Kahita Hari Nam Kaur
Founding Member
Brand Strategy & Planning

More than 10 years of experience in the natural foods market. She has the ability to evaluate pros and cons and come up with a balanced direction.



Jeffrey Cohen
Founding Member
Editor & Copywriter

With a lifetime of experience in songwriting (Grammy winner) and 25 years of music for advertising. Has been practicing yoga for the last 20 years, Sat Nam Rasayan for nearly 15. Old and young.